Tactical Edits

Welcome to Tactical Edits!

Writing is hard. Preparing to publish can feel like a nightmare, but you aren’t alone. Let me come along side you and help prepare that manuscript for the industry.


Getting to Know You

I offer a free first chapter critique to see if we’re compatible. I read most genres. I don’t have any experience with YA or MG. Adult manuscripts are probably more my speed, but I won’t reject off hand.


Basic rates:

The free 1st chapter critique I provide you will help me narrow down an exact figure based on my assessment of what your book needs, but here is a simplified guide to what I offer. Rates are hourly.*

Proofreading: A basic read-through to catch typos before you publish or submit to agents. $15/hr

Line Edits: A line-by line polishing job. Here I look at your sentence structure and your voice to determine if your prose is ready for publishing. This is about the craft of your writing. $20/hr

Developmental Edits: Here I look at your plot and pick it apart looking for plot-holes. I will also look at your character development, your story arcs, your points of view, your pace, and your tone. $25/hr

The whole package: $40/hr


I also offer the following:

Synopsis edits: Yes, the dreaded synopsis. I will help you conquer that fear in a live consult through Facebook messenger and Google Docs (or whatever works for both of us). 1 hour of working through the bare bones of your plot and condensing it to 2 to 4 pages. $25

Query edits: An hour on messenger and Google Docs streamlining your query-synopsis into the best it can be to grab an agent’s attention. $25

Available now!

*Estimates based on a 100k novel (approx 400 standard manuscript pages, double spaced Times New Roman font size 12 and 1″ margins).  Estimated goal of 10pgs/hr. 400/10=40hrs for manuscript.