Love and espionage are dangerous bedfellows.

The only thing between Israeli intelligence officer Sarah Yadin and destroying a hidden cache of terrorist weapons is the American Army veteran building a school on top of it.

A bomb in Kabul left Simon Walther full of shrapnel and regret, but an aid project in Israel offers him hope. He spends his days doing humanitarian work, but he’s really a pawn in a terrorist’s game.

In a split-second decision, Sarah exposes herself to the enemy to save Simon’s life—a simple act of compassion that has dire consequences for her, her mission, and the world. A terrorist mastermind obsessed with enacting his own 9-11 now knows Sarah’s face, and next time he sees her, he will have no mercy. Sarah and Simon, along with her family of spies, must stop his deadly new weapon, or perish in the opening salvos of a bitter war.


Shadowplay is the Third Place winner of Romance Writer’s of America Daphne du Maurier Award for Romantic Suspense, 2017.

My first book is in queries and on submission to publishers while the next two hide in my hard drive.

I can’t wait to share my spies with you!