The Year of the Spy

Thank you again for joining me on this incredible journey!

No matter what this year brings, I want you to know I’m thinking of you and couldn’t do this without your steady encouragement.

This is going to be my year, however that manifests.

A) This is the year I land my agent and contract, seeing a debut date of sometime in 2020 (hopefully, based on publication schedules, could be 2021…but I digress).

B) This is the year I make the contacts and learn the things I need to learn to go indie, seeing a debut in 2020.

Shadow Play is coming. You will meet my spies.

I am going to need to lean on your support more and more, and I will ask you to spread the word.

My Shadow Play Agents group is nearing 100 members! That is amazing! I ask you to please join us. FB has made it easier for me to reach my group than it is my page, and I love interacting with you.

One of the deciding factors in which path I take is newsletter subscriptions. Right now I have 40 awesome people who are getting insider info on my spies and my process once a month. My goal for being able to self-publish is 1000. Seems lofty, I know–but I also know that if this is the route I’m to take…it will happen.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do. You will gain access to a monthly update, exclusive teasers, and (when it’s done with edits) an exclusive prequel novella. Thank you!

So many doors have opened in the last year, and there are many more to come.

Hold on tight, this is going to be one hell of a year.

Happy New Year!


Where Were You?

“You’re not the only one here who lived through Pearl Harbor”

Those were the words I woke up to on the morning of September 11, 2001—the new day of infamy. My father stood in front of the TV and my grandmother had just entered the room as the second plane flew into the second tower.

My connection to that day is purely existential. Before that morning I had no purpose beyond what a 14 yr old homeschooler can imagine. After it, I had questions. And those questions led to purpose. I’d always had a love for military history, but 9-11 made history reality. Consequences of things done decades ago made flesh. I knew I wanted to serve in whatever way I could. For me, that service came through what I wrote.

I watched as innocence slowly left my generation. Watched as we fired the opening salvos of a war that would define my entire young adult years. I now know, that as I sat in my living room watching men scramble jets on the deck of the USS Enterprise, I was watching my future husband go to war.

Shadow Play, centers around a man who was old enough to serve the day after the towers fell. Simon Walther heard the same words that morning. And they defined him, like they defined our generation.


Thank you to all who served, and are serving. We are forever in your debt.

It’s the little things

So, long story short, things have been kinda crappy lately. Money is tighter than ever. Moods are even more strained. All of us are on edge waiting for school to start.

Today my child managed to spend her school supply money on Grand Theft Auto 5, and if Microsoft wont refund I might just hit orbit. I did hit orbit. I hit orbit and bounced off the atmosphere to begin a fiery plummet back to Earth. I pushed my editing ads, I am still researching Patreon, I raged at friends I can trust about how the books are just sitting there, useless.

I also channeled that frustration into gorgeous new covers…but SPOILERS. haha

Anyway, not long ago it was implied that I simply don’t know how to adult. That I refuse to function in the real world, not because I have several chronic illnesses, take care of a husband with narcolepsy, and chase our hyperactive and possibly spectrum kid all day (not counting the TON of work that goes into writing, preparing to market, and query/publish 4+ books)–but because I’m lazy.

I know that’s not true. But that kind of thing eats away at you like slow-acting acid, and even though another person, whose opinion I value more than gold, turned right around and told me I was doing the right thing…it’s really hard to believe I’m doing the right thing when my world is on fire and I can’t put it out.

Well, today while I raged at the frustration of spinning my wheels, God sent me a reminder that he wants me to use my talent. That the books are absolutely what he wants me doing and that he has a plan, even if I can’t see it.

I’ve been pretty insecure about the books lately. This year is just disappointing. Muse isn’t cooperating. Queries aren’t being answered. The press is still silent. It makes me wonder if I sent them a crap book. So I’ve searched out more betas, this time in my genre (spy/thriller) and I’ve given them book one (which, might not be book one anymore, but I digress).

And I just got the most heart-wrenchingly beautiful initial review. The kind that reaffirms everything I started to doubt. Things, I already believed, but seeing them from a stranger just made them REAL.

“Many writers know the craft but few can fashion the desire for the reader to immerse themselves into the emotions etched between the lines…” And that is just a portion, but it makes my heart sing!

So, thank you all for your support!

IMAGE: The Chief of Israeli intelligence would be named after a cat 😉 Meet my angel-cat, Abner.


News from the author

Hi everyone!

So sorry for the long absence. It’s been a rough couple of months for a multitude of reasons. I’m finally back to writing on book four though, so things are looking up.

My last update on the prequel had it at 15k…well, I’m up to 23k! I’m focusing on the prequel aspect of the book for now, and wondering if this book shouldn’t actually come out first.

I am still pushing the queries. There was a bit of a snafu with the requesting press earlier this year, so they didn’t get the manuscript. That has been fixed, and everything is back on track. Now, I wait.

I’ve started a Facebook group for Shadowplay in addition to the page. We’d love you to join us! Link Here

Thank you all for your support!


Shadows Past

Work on the fourth book of my Shadowplay series has begun. I’m now close to 15k words into the thrilling prequel. I can’t really say much about it, considering I don’t want to spoil the first three books that you can’t read yet. (I’m not sure I’m doing this blog thing right?) I guess I can give you the first line though…(this is a first draft)


Vienna, 1982

Music cascaded through the air, musty with history and the clawing stench of old death that that wafted from the Nazi’s breath…


They say not to write the series before the first book sells. And, that’s probably sound advice. I know I’m going to be rewriting a lot once these books find a publisher. But, I also know more about my first book the further into the series I write.

But, going into book four is kind of dropping you in midstream and seeing if you can swim. Come to think of it, that’s like any conversation where I am 75% in my own head. (introvert writer joke lol)

I need help. What do you want to see from this blog? Do you want me to go into the origins of Shadowplay? Do you want news that reflects the issues in Shadowplay? Do you want excerpts or short stories? Do you want to hear my publishing woes…I mean process?

Talk to me.