Where Were You?

“You’re not the only one here who lived through Pearl Harbor”

Those were the words I woke up to on the morning of September 11, 2001—the new day of infamy. My father stood in front of the TV and my grandmother had just entered the room as the second plane flew into the second tower.

My connection to that day is purely existential. Before that morning I had no purpose beyond what a 14 yr old homeschooler can imagine. After it, I had questions. And those questions led to purpose. I’d always had a love for military history, but 9-11 made history reality. Consequences of things done decades ago made flesh. I knew I wanted to serve in whatever way I could. For me, that service came through what I wrote.

I watched as innocence slowly left my generation. Watched as we fired the opening salvos of a war that would define my entire young adult years. I now know, that as I sat in my living room watching men scramble jets on the deck of the USS Enterprise, I was watching my future husband go to war.

Shadow Play, centers around a man who was old enough to serve the day after the towers fell. Simon Walther heard the same words that morning. And they defined him, like they defined our generation.


Thank you to all who served, and are serving. We are forever in your debt.

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