Shadows Past

Work on the fourth book of my Shadowplay series has begun. I’m now close to 15k words into the thrilling prequel. I can’t really say much about it, considering I don’t want to spoil the first three books that you can’t read yet. (I’m not sure I’m doing this blog thing right?) I guess I can give you the first line though…(this is a first draft)


Vienna, 1982

Music cascaded through the air, musty with history and the clawing stench of old death that that wafted from the Nazi’s breath…


They say not to write the series before the first book sells. And, that’s probably sound advice. I know I’m going to be rewriting a lot once these books find a publisher. But, I also know more about my first book the further into the series I write.

But, going into book four is kind of dropping you in midstream and seeing if you can swim. Come to think of it, that’s like any conversation where I am 75% in my own head. (introvert writer joke lol)

I need help. What do you want to see from this blog? Do you want me to go into the origins of Shadowplay? Do you want news that reflects the issues in Shadowplay? Do you want excerpts or short stories? Do you want to hear my publishing woes…I mean process?

Talk to me.




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